The banner image, DM-1 on approach to ISS, is courtesy SpaceX and /u/OhBuggery.

The Discount Way

You know how affiliate links work. You get a bit of a discount, and we get a bit of money. The services below are all ones that we use regularly and unabashedly recommend.

  • Slack

    • Get $100 credit for plan upgrades. When you burn through that and pay even $1 extra, we get $100 off our plan.

    • Slack is the ultimate communication tool for teams. Use it to replace texting, emailing and even phone calls. Detailed notification settings allow you to chose when your phone buzzes. You can get notified of all new messages in one channel, while only getting notified of user mentions or keywords in another. Hit the do not disturb button and power through a task. We can't recommend it enough.

  • Represent

    • It doesn't look like this code offers any discounts, but Represent is a no money up front deal anyway. We'll make $0.75 for every item you sell in the first year.

    • Our T-shirts are sold through Represent. They have super high quality printing and allow kickstarter-like funding drives that allow you to collect orders for a set amount of time. The larger the order, the higher the profit margin. We've got our campaigns set up for zero profit, but that doesn't mean you have to. We recommend the Next Level, all-cotton shirts. They're very comfy.

  • Patreon

    • This referral code is just for new creators. The bonus is based on the number of new supporters you get in the first 30 days, resulting in dollar bonuses to both of us. Bring in 30 supporters and we both get $50. Bring in 250 and we both get a whopping $500. There are levels in between, see terms and conditions for details.

    • We love our Patreon supporters, and generate bonus content just for them. Patreon as a website has some issues, but there aren't a lot of alternatives out there.

  • Moo

    • This referral code is good for 25% off your first order. We'll get $20 for every signup that results in a purchase.

    • Moo makes the absolute best business cards. Order a free sample kit if you don't believe me. They feel great and have very high print quality. Their signature product is a business card pack with different designs on the back of each one. Their other paper products are also fantastic!

  • Sticker Mule

    • This referral code will get you $10 off your first purchase and kick back $10 for our next order.

    • Sticker Mule is amazing from beginning to end. You have to submit finished art, but their team will help you build die cut lines and design tweaks to make sure your product looks amazing. Their final products are divine; true colors, high quality die cutting and excellent textures. Check out our mini-merch pack; everything but the embroidered patch is from them!

You want to support us? We're still shocked and pleased as punch every single time someone offers to help out. Here are a bunch of ways you can help us make a better show. There's something for everybody.

The Recurring Way

Recurring payments are what allow us to bring you the best show we possibly can. We use as many free services as we can, but even so, podcasting is expensive. Patreon is where we direct most recurring donations, because it's easy to keep track of and it's easy to get rewards back into your hands.

Patreon used to take a fairly large cut out of our donations. They still do, but now they front-load the charges so that you have to pay more to get into a specific rewards tier. If you want, you can use this button to set up recurring Paypal payments.

The Free Way

Reviews on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you listen help bring in more listeners from their user bases. Even better is a mention or link on social media to your friends. We don't use funds for advertising, and we've grown completely through word of mouth.

The Secret Way

Chuck some bitcoin at us. It's what all the cool kids are doing.