Episode 199: DATA RELAY--Hypergolics

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  • 2004 February 26. First ISS EVA with no one inside (wikipedia.org)

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  4. Data Relay: Hypergols

  • Thanks to Arin Cross for researching and presenting this topic! (linkedin.com)

  • BFRCs - produced when launches with NTO go wrong (youtube.com)

  • Early hypergolic testing history: Ignition! An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants, by John Drury Clark (google.com/books)

  • Video showing a drop of RFNA into a pool of MMH (purdue.edu)

  • See also

    • Investigation into the hypergolic ignition process initiated by low weber number collisions. (aiaa.org)

    • Advances in hypergolic propellants: ignition, hydrazine, and hydrogen peroxide research. (hindawi.com)

  • Flame structure, a la Arin Cross (proquest.com)

  • Space Shuttle OMS engines used hydrazine and NTO (books.google.com)

  • JWST has hypergolic and monopropellant thrusters (jwst-docs.stsci.edu) (PDF: nasa.gov)

  • Ariane 5 ECA purges with helium before and after burns (books.google.com) (esa.int)

  • GSLV and PSLV use Vikas engine (isro.gov.in)

    • High-thrust Vikas Engine (HTVE) is now used on GSLV Mk III (spacetechasia.com)

    • Named after Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai. Recommended reading: From Fishing Hamlet to Red Planet: India’s Space Journey (isro.gov.in)

    • ISRO sent a team of ~50 scientists to France in 1974 to participate in Viking/Ariane development. (indiatimes.com)

    • Side note: a rag left in a water coolant pipe during installation destroyed a Viking engine in flight (wikipedia.org)

    • Viking uses transpiration cooling (airandspace.si.edu)

  • Lots of work is happening in “green” hypergolics (harvard.edu)

    • A mixture of furfuryl alcohol, ethanolamine and copper (II) chloride (fuel) and 70% hydrogen peroxide was tested at one point (PDF: researchgate.net)

    • Gelled hypergolics are also an option (docs.lib.purdue.edu)

    • Hydrazine in a solid fuel for hybrid application (doi.org)

  • Further reading

    • Humble, Ronald. Space Propulsion Analysis and Design. United Kingdom: McGraw-Hill Companies,Incorporated, 1995.

A mosaic photo of Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayas

A mosaic photo of Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayas