Episode 225: DATA RELAY--Hot Structures

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  2. Spaceflight news

  3. Short & Sweet

  4. Data Relay-- Hot Structures

    • Thanks to Ben Crews for researching and presenting this topic! (linkedin.com)

    • X-15 Hardware Design Challenges (PDF: nasa.gov)

    • NASA solicitation for research on hot structures (sbir.gov)

    • Multifunctional Hot Structure (HOST) Heat Shield (techbriefs.com)

    • Heat Shield Concepts and Materials for Reentry Vehicles (includes some familiar lifting-body vehicle form proposals!) (PDF: dtic.mil)

    • Advances in Hot Structure Development (Brief with link to PDF: nasa.gov)

    • Thermal-Structural Optimization of Integrated Tanks for RLV (embedded PDF: aiaa.org)

    • Tim Dodd’s discussion on Starship transpiration cooling (youtube.com)

    • /u/spacerfirstclass speculates on Spaceship’s use of hot structures. (reddit.com/r/spacex)

Progress MS-13M using the Kurs docking system

Progress MS-13M using the Kurs docking system