Episode 40: How Cold Is Space?

  • This week in SF history [doc link]
    • 11 January, 2007. FY-1C Weather satellite destroyed with an ASAT
  • Spaceflight news
    • Jason to land on Barge (Twitter)
      • /u/echologic: This makes sense considering SES-9 will need a barge landing - good practice. That being said, Lurio's speculation history hasn't been entirely accurate. He incorrectly predicted the winners of CCtCap (he said SpX and SN). And no, this booster won't be reused operationally either.
      • Static fire Jan 11, launch Jan 17 (Twitter)
  • Spacehack
    • Reviving a dead space station: Salyut 7 1983-1991. (Ars Technica)
  • Questions, comments, corrections