Episode 45: DOWNLINK--Ben Honey

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  • This week in SF history
  • Spaceflight news
  • Questions, comments, corrections
    • /u/didact117: The west coast launch site was where the Falcon Heavy was originally supposed to make its debut test flight, and as such SLC4 has been ready to accommodate the FH for a couple of years now. Here is a picture of it.
      • Greg Priestly via email: Just listened to the latest episode where you were struggling to remember the name of Honeysuckle lake / stream / pond / lagoon / basin / bay / swamp / gulch / gulf / canal / dam / brook / billabong / inlet / river / sound / etc and thinking it’s also known as Woomera. These aren’t the same - Honeysuckle Creek is near Canberra (the capital) in Australia - Woomera is in the outback in South Australia - probably close to 1000 miles away.
  • Ben Honey interview (listen to the uncut interview on Patreon for $1)
    • Mentioned early in the episode but not fully named: FIRST Robotics, Dean Kamen's educational organization
    • CMG imagery, via James Sutherland in #ground_control chatroom (wiki) (wiki) (PDF: boeing.com)
    • twitter.com/spaceguy87