Episode 114: Baseball Reference

  • This week in SF history
  • Spaceflight news
    • ESA has released funds to Arianegroup for full-scale demonstrator of Prometheus. (spacenews.com)
    • SpaceX busy weekend
      • Three-engine suicide burn
        • Rocket was suddenly slammed sideways right before landing. Heavy gust or something malfunctioned onboard. Reviewing telemetry. (twitter.com/elonmusk)
        • Rocket is extra toasty and hit the deck hard (used almost all of the emergency crush core), but otherwise good (twitter.com/elonmusk)
      • Titanium grid fins
        • Flying with larger & significantly upgraded hypersonic grid fins. Single piece cast & cut titanium. Can take reentry heat with no shielding. (twitter.com/elonmusk)
        • They will, but the hydraulic system is closed loop, so no fluid lost. They do need more power & energy, but rocket has plenty of that. (twitter.com/elonmusk)
        • In use for ~2 years? (twitter.com/elonmusk)
        • More control authority is for Falcon Heavy, but also enables Falcon 9 to land in heavier winds. (twitter.com/elonmusk)
  • Short & Sweet
Digital render of the Prometheus engine

Digital render of the Prometheus engine