Episode 124: Sat in a Cage

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    • Ben Hallert via email: ACES needed to be orange because in an abort, the astronauts needed to bail out into the ocean.  Dragons and Starliner aborts, you stay in the capsule.  If you are floating in the water in your suit something else went HUGELY wrong.  That's why Boeing suit can be blue too.
      • Btw re: the conversation about style meaning compromises: Garrett Reisman (shuttle astronaut) was testing the Dragonrider suits in ocean egress testing and said it was straight up better than ACES.  Seems persuasive to me.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      • “This suit is much better than the one I wore in the Shuttle. Lots of great innovations. I wore one today for our post-splashdown safety test” (https://twitter.com/astro_g_dogg)