Episode 109: Dropped Dome

  • This week in SF history
    • May 17, 2004, launch of GoFast, the first amateur rocket to make it over the Karman Line with verification (the-rocketman.com)
    • The clue was from 2014 launch footage (youtube.com)
  • Spaceflight news
    • Xaero-B damaged during test flight (parabolicarc.com)
    • SLS LOX qual dome damaged (twitter.com/jeff_foust)
      • Lightfoot: if we put crew on EM-1, realistically could not have launched it until 1st or 2nd quarter of 2020. (twitter.com/jeff_foust)
    • Short & Sweet
      • Dr. Jim Green, NASA Planetary Science Division Director suggested at the "Humans 2 Mars Summit" that SpaceX might do two Red Dragon missions in 2020. But no official confirmation from SpaceX. (parabolicarc.com)
      • Aerojet Rocketdyne tests Hydrocarbon Boost Technology Demonstrator (parabolicarc.com)
  • Questions, comments, corrections
    • Ben Hallert via email: Vector-R was 4500 feet, not 50,000
CSXT with the GoFast rocket

CSXT with the GoFast rocket