Episode 3: Heat

  • Spaceflight news
  • Discussion, questions, comments
    • Florida117:  New Horizons didn't do a flyby of Venus or Earth.
    • /u/AstroSteveP: apoastron/periastron for other stars, areocentric/areosynchronous (vs geocentric/geosynchronous for Earth) for Mars (suggest aproareion/periareion), lith- means stone, not martian stone in particular.
    • LunarModule5 just started Apollo 8 full mission
  • Spaceflight 101: Heat management
  • Upcoming space flight events
    • Jan 6 (rescheduled for Jan 9, 05:09 Eastern): CRS-5 on Falcon 9

A common pintile spray attachment for a garden hose. Notice the pin in the center of the nozzle?