Episode 18: DOWNLINK--Astro Pi

There are lots of consumer products on the space station. In this show, we interview the creators of a brand new one: the Astro Pi! They’ll be sending student-written programs to Station on a small computer. Also, CRS-7 gets explained, SETI picks up a bundle, Intelsat gets grumpy, a solar panel needs a swift kick, SABRE secrets get revealed, NTSB releases their report on a fatal crash, and a big announcement about the show!


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Episode 16: Mishaps

Staying put in a particular orbit requires constant adjustments. Let’s talk about some of the basic things you can do to be where you want to be in space. Also an Falcon 9 explosion, the largest commercial launch in history, and New Horizons encounters a last-minute speedbump.

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Episode 15: Downlink--Firefly Space Systems

Firefly Space Systems wants to build an innovative launch vehicle and send small payloads to orbit for an incredibly low price. We talk to four of their engineers about everything from their aerospike engine to fuel tank construction. Also LDSD could use a third try, Philae needs a cup of coffee, New Horizons doesn’t need a blanket and SES goes to the thrift store.

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Episode 9: Radiation

This episode is sponsored by the Smarter Every Day YouTube channel. For a special, bonus video from Destin, visit smartereveryday.com/orbital.

The big barrier to people in space is radiation. There are different sources, different types and a couple of good ways to protect ourselves. Also: Opportunity in peril, SpaceX fairings, public domain space photos, Gwynne Shotwell testifies, He bottles, Dreamchaser again, and Mangalyaan.

Episode 8: Breathe

Everyone knows you have to take your own air to space, assuming you’d like to continue breathing. Let’s take some time to talk about common atmosphere choices in space. Also Curiosity’s short, Orbital ATK’s giant solid rocket, Jupiter (not the planet), Tory Bruno and radioactive material!

Episode 7: Suit Up

The difficulty of survival in the near vacuum of low Earth orbit is a fear deep in our society’s psyche. However, it’s a working environment for many brave men and women, and isn’t as bad as many people think. This week, we talk about the smallest human spaceships ever invented: space suits. Also this week: Mars One, Smarter Every Day, the end of F9R Dev, enhanced F9, a ton of EVAs and some of Ben’s worst mixups ever.

Episode 5: Acronyms

How do you talk to a satellite whizzing by at eight or nine km/s? It's not easy to do without the help of high-orbit communications satellites like the TDRS network we talked about last week. In this show, we're covering NASA's early ground-based communications networks in all their impressive landline glory. Also, the CCtCap decision, satellite internet, Iain M Banks references, Falcon Heavy, Moon Express and much more.

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