Episode 44: Bright Star 4

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  • This week in SF history
    • 10 February 1961. Opening ceremonies at Woomera DSN include bouncing a phone call from Washington off the moon.
  • Spaceflight news
    • BEAM installed in CRS-8 trunk (Bigelow FB)
    • Justin Cowart’s Ceres photo makes APOD (apod.nasa.gov)
    • Recap of Gwynne Shotwell at FAA Com. Space Transportation Conf. (YT)
    • CRS2 source selection statement (PDF: jsc.nasa.gov) (/r/spacex)
    • North Korea illegally launches Kwangmyongsong-4 (SF101)
      • Chris Bergan: “Kwangmyongsong-4 launch success confusion: North Korea "exploded" the first stage after staging to *avoid* its recovery. #NonSpaceXApproach” (twitter)
  • Questions, comments, corrections