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David Fourman, Cohost and editor

I've loved space and spaceflight since I was six years old. And I was certain I was going to be an astronaut. Then I became obsessed with the rockets themselves and what makes them fly, and so I revised my dream job to aerospace engineer. Then came what they call the "writing bug", and it was all over.

This podcast is my attempt to take part in, and hopefully contribute to a community that, despite my wayward nature, I've never fully left.

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Ben Etherington, cohost and producer

Having grown up at Edwards AFB, I've always been fascinated with human spaceflight. I remember hearing a double boom, then driving out to the dry lakebed with my parents to watch the Shuttle land. I'm thrilled to live in an age where I don't have to work in the industry to have a wealth of information at my fingertips.

I live in Chico, CA and study crash safety equipment in passenger vehicles. I spend my free time playing games like KSP and Rimworld, as well as 3D printing and woodworking projects.


Dennis Just, cohost

I've always had an interest in spaceflight, but lately it's accelerated - I think playing KSP, watching Apollo 13 for the first time as an adult, and the rapid progress in the field are responsible. The idea that I might be able to go "up there" in my lifetime I find especially thrilling. I'm a fan of learning more about the things I love, so I'm excited to be a part of this podcast.

I'm an astronomer in Tucson, Arizona, and in my spare time I like reading, playing video games, cooking, and enjoying the desert nightlife.